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Claire Murray Designs wallpaper

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Claire Murray is an independent pattern designer who uses her West Yorkshire surroundings as inspiration in her wallpaper designs. Claire currently offers 3 wallpaper patterns, all of which we are delighted to showcase in our retail shop in Richmond, as we feel the common theme of nature found throughout Claires work perfectly reflects that of our own surroundings in North Yorkshire.

Our team are delighted to bring you, our valued customers all of the Claire Murray Designs wallpapers.

You may take a look at all 3 of Claires papers in our bricks and mortar, recently renovated retail shop in Richmond, North Yorkshire only a short walk from Richmond Castle, or we welcome you to browse, buy, and/or request samples of any of the patterns in the Wallpaper Trail online shop above.

Take a look at the beautiful designs by Claire Murray Designs above is here to assist with your home or businesses decorating needs. We appreciate every customer who visits our retail and online shop, buys samples or wallpapers, sends us an enquiry, etc. Our knowledgable staff have over a decades experience in our industry, and we are a family owned, growing start up business. We guarantee you're in safe hands buying from If you need our advice about any of the Claire Murray Designs wallpapers found on our website you are more than welcome to give us a phone or send an email our way. You can also visit Claires very own website, Claire Murray Designs for more information.

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